Top 6 Sliding Door Errors

It is very frustrating, especially when your sliding door cannot open properly or you are forced to use too much force to open it. Different materials can be used to make sliding doors. Some of them include aluminium, glass, patio and wood. Most glass fixing sliding patio doors are heavy, and therefore it can become hard to operate them, especially when they refuse to open. The following are some of the common problems with sliding doors.

Sliding Door Errors

1. Broken Roller Wheels

If there is a problem with the roller wheels, it will be challenging to move the door smoothly. This is the most common problem with sliding doors. When there is a problem with rollers, there is no need to replace the whole door since they can be fixed. If the broken rollers cannot be repaired, then they can be replaced with others. Once they have been replaced or fixed, it will be possible to move the door while using a single finger.

2. Worn Out Track

When there is a problem with the track, you are likely to hear noise while opening the door. This is because the track is being stopped and it cannot slide smoothly. The whole trail can be replaced with a new one, or it can be rectified in case the problem is not significant. Partitions o the track may become loose or damaged.

3. Faulty Locking Mechanisms

When there is a problem with the lock, the security of the house is compromised. Many problems occur with the locks. In case your sliding door rollers have been replaced, there is a probability that the lock may not be aligned. For the lock to work correctly, the door must be properly aligned. Remember, the security of your house is the key priority.

4. Damaged Frames

When a frame breaks, it means that the door won’t be held properly and hence, it is likely to sag. This may make it difficult to close or open the door. The problem can be caused by dirt in the rails or if the frame was not installed correctly. The frame is also likely to get damaged as a result of rotting or when the metal gets deformed. Broken frames also result in problems with hinges since they cannot open properly. Besides, a deformed door can be is likely to leak in even when closed.

Top Sliding Door Errors

5. Low-Quality Rollers

When the rollers are of low quality, they keep on breaking from time to time. Whenever they break, the best option is to replace them with high-quality rollers because they are long-lasting and makes it easy to open a door. When they break, they are also likely t dame the track thereby adding up an extra cost. Therefore, make sure to replace them immediately they break.

6. Bent Track

Whenever the track is bent, rollers are likely to jump off the track, thereby making it difficult door the door to open or close. You can use a block of wood and a hammer to repair a bent track. Place the block of wood against the trail where there is bent and then hit it using a hammer so that it can straighten. An inner bend can be repaired using a pair of pliers while the otter bend can be repaired by the use of a hammer and pliers.

7. Broken Glass

Due to burglary, weather or broken sea, the galls can break. This can be a hectic task, and therefore you might need to call a technician since it requires the seal to be broken. Then, a new glass should be installed. This requires a high-level expertise because if it is not fixed correctly, it is likely to result in more issues.

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