Balancing Work and Pets – How to Concentrate on Your Work of Art Despite Taking Care of Vocal Creatures

Balancing Work and Pets – How to Concentrate on Your Work of Art Despite Taking Care of Vocal Creatures

Artists are creative people with many interests. They might be passionate about cooking, or they might love to travel. Whatever their interest is, it’s likely that artists also have a pet at home.

While pets can be wonderful companions for an artist, they can also create distractions when trying to work on art projects and other tasks. How does one balance the needs of their pet with the need to concentrate on creative endeavors?

Know their needs

Pets are living creatures that have their own needs, just like humans. If your pet is an animal who has a lot of energy and requires plenty of exercise to stay healthy (such as with dogs), it might be difficult for you to concentrate when the dog wants attention or when it’s time for his walk. You can meet both your pets needs and your own by finding a balance that works for you.

Know when they are home

The time of day that your pet is most active might also be the best time to work on art projects or other tasks. Knowing this can help you plan around it, so you’re not trying to focus on an art project while being constantly interrupted by your pet.

Know when they are not home

Some pets require more attention than others, so if you have one that requires a lot of time and energy, it might be best to leave them at home for the hours in which you’re trying to work on art projects or other tasks. This is especially true if their needs conflict with your ability to concentrate.

Leave some food out

If you’re leaving the house for hours on end, then it’s best that your pet has some food available at all times. If they are home alone and hungry, they might be too distracted by their growling stomachs to focus on anything else! Leaving a few kibbles or a small amount of food might be enough to keep them satisfied for a few hours.

Leave the TV on

If you have a pet who is home alone and knows how to operate your television, then it can help if they are distracted by something other than their own boredom when left at home without human company. Watching cartoons or listening to the radio might help your pet feel less lonely and more satisfied, even if they can’t play with you.

Take them to work

Some artists have the option of bringing their pets to work and allowing them to be a part of their creative process. This is especially true for those who work from home or in studios where pets are allowed on the premises. This can be a great way to get your pet their exercise while allowing them to feel like they are still close by!

Just know what works for you

As with anything in life, there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to pets and art projects. There are many ways that artists make this work, so just know what works for your particular lifestyle and personality.

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