First Timer’s Guide to Sculpting

First Timer’s Guide to Sculpting

If you’ve ever wanted to give sculpting a try, but didn’t know where to start, this guide is for you! We’re going over some of the basics of getting started in sculpture.

The first step in starting a new project is choosing what type of sculpture material to use. There are many different types that can be used, including clay and wax.  One popular choice for beginners is polymer clay because it’s easy to work with and inexpensive if you make any mistakes.  It also dries quickly so there’s no need to wait long before adding details or baking it in an oven (a process known as “baking” or “curing”).

If you’re a beginner it’s best to start out by making something simple, like a bowl or plate.  To make the outside of your piece look nice and smooth just use sand paper after baking your clay! The finished product will be sturdy, durable, and completely ready for display in your home or workplace. This guide has given you some great tips on how to get started.

Now get out there and start sculpting!

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