How Murals Became Opportunity for Artists

How Murals Became Opportunity for Artists

How did murals become a tourist attraction and a social media buzz? At the turn of the 20th century, most Americans were either not familiar with the term “mural,” or had never heard of it. The art form was still a mostly unknown concept to the majority of the population. The first murals to catch the attention of the American public were created in San Francisco by artists who were struggling to find an outlet for their creativity. These artists were not aware of the impact that they would have on the culture and business of the city, and their efforts were not recognized or appreciated.

The popularity of murals exploded when World War II broke out. America’s interests in world affairs was at an all-time high, and so was the desire to display cultural artwork in cities large and small. The placement of these murals was important to these American citizens as it offered them a way to connect with their European and Asian counterparts. As America fought in Europe and Asia, many citizens desired to connect with the “Hollywood” of their choice. How the murals became tourist attraction began to take shape.

In San Francisco, artist Harryzon created murals that took on the style of his hometown’s Chinatown, which was in the center of the city. murals such as the famous Chinese Red Tile mural, and The Golden Gate Bridge mural were created in order to promote a more visual understanding of America’s war efforts in the Asian-Pacific region. Other muralists joined the fight, and began to place their works in public places such as parks, zoos, and buildings.

Others took photos of popular landmarks and posted them on their websites, and these images spread across the internet as a social media buzz. This new awareness helped to create new consumer markets for these artists. Artists began to paint murals on businesses themselves, and those businesses enjoyed the added boost in business and client base. In turn, more people became aware of these businesses as more people enjoyed their photo opportunity. How murals became tourist attraction was truly a marketing and public relations masterstroke.

More businesses began to develop websites with which they could display their images. In turn, these images led to increased interest in more businesses, and the overall industry became an excellent example of marketing and public relations. What makes murals an excellent marketing tool is that no longer are we simply seeing corporate messages or advertisements. We are now seeing images of babies, weddings, and traveling and vacation spots. These photos and images speak to us on a whole new level, and the art form of murals has provided businesses and individuals with a great opportunity to share their thoughts with the public in a very unique way.

If we want to learn more about how murals have become tourist attractions, one of the best places to learn more is via the internet. There are numerous different websites that focus on the history of the mural art form, and their creation. The more you learn about these murals, the more you realize how beneficial they can be to both businesses and individuals. You will be able to take a look at some of the most beautiful murals ever, and hopefully inspire you to create your own image. Or maybe, inspire someone else to create their own image!

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