Ways Artists Can Be Responsible Pet Owners

Ways Artists Can Be Responsible Pet Owners

As an artist, there are many responsibilities that come with the job. You have to be creative and innovative in your art, while also being a great public speaker and salesperson. One responsibility that artists often neglect is taking care of their pets. This can lead to many problems! In this blog post, we will discuss 11 ways you can become a responsible pet owner as an artist.

Train your pets

Many artists have the unfortunate habit of letting their pets run around on their own without any training. While this might be funny to watch, it is not fair to your pet or anyone else’s that you allow them into public spaces with no training at all! Trainers will come up with a personalized plan for your specific dog so they are ready to participate in public events with you.

Keep your pets safe

Every pet owner should have an emergency kit on their person, but artists are especially at risk. These kits include things like a first aid kit for cuts and scrapes, repellent if you’re allergic to something that your pet has come in contact with, kitty litter or paper towels in case of any accidents outside the house, and even a leash. If you are going to be out on the road with your pet, make sure they have enough water and food supplies for the day!

Let others take care of your pets

If you’re away from home (especially if that’s where your emergency kit is), it might seem like too much trouble to find someone to walk your dog or feed them. However, you can always hire pet sitters for these tasks while you’re away! They will be able to come over at specific times of the day and provide your furry friend with water and food until you get back home again.

Train your pets for public appearances

Artists often have to give talks and presentations in front of an audience. If you plan on bringing your pet along with you, make sure they are trained! You might not want to leave them at home if they aren’t used to being around large crowds or loud noises. However, it is possible to train them for these situations so they don’t get scared.

Don’t leave your pets alone

If you have a furry friend at home, never ever leave the house and assume that they will be okay on their own! While many people might think this is just an artist’s problem because we’re all crazy and eccentric, every pet owner should make sure someone is home to take care of their pets if they plan on going out.

Don’t let your pets get too attached to you

Your furry friends might be cute and cuddly, but artists need time alone as well! If you’re spending all day every day at home with your pet, they might become too attached to you. This can lead them to becoming anxious when you leave the house or even cause problems between your pets if they aren’t getting along with each other! Make sure that everyone in the household has some time alone every day before leaving for work or school.

Make sure they get enough exercise

Artists are often busy, so it’s important to make sure your pets are getting enough exercise. This is especially true for dogs! A little bit of play time every day can go a long way towards keeping them healthy and happy.Ways Artists Can Be Responsible Pet Owners

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